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Choosing Flowers | Flowers & Their Meaning | Floral Budget Chart | The Fresh Flower Shop

Classic rose bridal bouquet A beautiful bridal bouquet should enhance the overall beauty of the gown, without overpowering it.
The traditional wedding is usually all white. However, for several decades brides have added soft pastels and stronger colors to their bouquets, as an expression of their individuality and personal style. Currently, the trend is turning towards the exotic flowers with elaborate stylings, or the deeper colors in traditional bouquets. To keep costs down, choose flowers in season or silks. There are no boundaries to the styles and flower selection. It is best to deal with a professional who can guide you through this process.

Choosing A Florist

When meeting with a florist, bring pictures with you to show what you like and what you do not like
Take in some cloth samples of your dress and the attendants dresses so the florist can suggest flower combinations that will compliment the dresses.
If you choose all white bouquets, be sure to let your photographer know so he/she is prepared with special filters.
Many cities have two or three day exhibits showcasing local vendors specializing in wedding products and services. This is a good way of seeing many florists and their wares. Look through the exhibits and speak to the personnel.

After the show, visit the individual stores and look at their displays carefully.
Is the store attractive?
Are the flowers fresh?
Are the arrangements stylish and creative?
Ask to see photographs of previous work.
Find out what types of flowers hold up well in the heat.
Ask about delivery and set up times and procedures.

Make sure all details of your order are included on your receipt, such as:

  • bouquet specifications
  • color
  • variety of flowers
  • delivery and set up details
    Make sure everything is in writing and do NOT assume anything that is not on the contract or receipt.
    Before signing a contract, make a quick call to the Better Business Bureau to make sure no complaints have been lodged against the company you plan to do business with.

    Cascade or Teardrop
    The most traditional and formal style of bouquet.
    Usually contains, roses, lilies, ivy.

    Usually comprised of roses in white, (or) cream (or) pastel shades. Baby's Breath is used sparingly to add texture.
    This style does not contain any greenery.

    Hand Tied
    This is an informal bouquet.
    Usually it is comprised of less traditional flowers and tied with attractive ribbon.

    Choosing Flowers | Flowers & Their Meaning | Floral Budget Chart | The Fresh Flower Shop

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