A Santa for Each Province

A Santa Claus for each province, and each territory, listed alphabetically. Created by Canadian history content creator, Craig Baird. 1. Alberta2. British Columbia 3. Manitoba4. New Brunswick5. Newfoundland and Labrador6. Northwest Territories7. Nova Scotia8. Nunavut9. […]

Crafts & Creatives

Gnomies For Christmas

Gnome Sweet Gnomeby Cam Woody, CBA, Pioneer Balloon, Wichita, Kansas Materials List1  42″ (107cm) “Gnome” Microfoil 20051, 20055 (pkgd)2 – 18″ (46cm) “Candy Swirl Red” Microfoil 31857, 64329 (pkgd)1  14″ (36cm) “Mini Gnome” Microfoil 197091 – […]


Moon O’Clock 2022

The first Full Moon of 2023 is in the sky tonight opposite the Sun at 23:08 UTC. Big and beautiful, the Moon at its brightest phase should be easy to spot. Still, for quick reference images captured near the times of […]