Have you heard? We, as Canadians, can’t post links to news articles on some social platforms. It’s a long story! Anyhow, because of this, I’m adding links to articles I’ve read and may be of interest to others.

Facebook let Netflix peek into user DMs, explosive court docs claim
The court documents were unsealed last week and form part of a major anti-trust lawsuit pdf

Google will delete tons of data on Chrome’s Incognito Mode Users
As a part of a class-action settlement, Google is making tweaks to its Chrome web browser’s Incognito mode and will purge ‘billions of data records.’
by Kate Irwin pdf

California considers “right to disconnect” bill to prevent bosses contacting workers
Californians could soon have a better work-life balance
by Rob Thubron pdf

Discord obliterated a YouTube view count record. It may have been an accident
Here’s how it may have happened
by Matt Binder pdf