Word of the Week: Evanescent

Evanescent is an adjective  and is pronounced  ev-uh-NESS-unt What does evanescent mean?It means something that vanishes quickly like a vapor, soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence;  quickly fading or disappearing. Like “a shimmering […]


The Observable Universe

How far can you see? Everything you can see, and everything you could possibly see, right now, assuming your eyes could detect all types of radiations around you — is the observable universe. In light, the […]

When Rainbows Smile

When Rainbows Smile

Want to see a rainbow smile? Look near the zenith (straight up) when the sun is low in the sky and you might. This example of an ice halo known as a circumzenithal arc was captured above a […]

Crafts & Creatives

Valentine Tiered Tray and Decor

I didn’t have a tiered tray for all the cute little tchotchkes I have for the smaller occasions like Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter. Smaller in a sense that I don’t decorate as elaborately […]

Health & Well Being

8 Signs of a Toxic Friendship

Sharon Livingston in her TEDx Wilmington Women speech, frames toxic friendships (relationships of any kind), in a new light. Take a look, it’s worth the 11 minute investment.


From Orion to the Southern Cross

 This is a sky filled with glowing icons. On the far left is the familiar constellation of Orion, divided by its iconic three-aligned belt stars and featuring the famous Orion Nebula, both partly encircled by Barnard’s Loop. Just left of […]