Avon Bubble Bath

I’m not an Avon rep and I don’t sell it; I feel like I really need to put that out there before I tell you (whoever is reading this) that I use Avon Bubble Bath as an all-purpose cleaner for just about everything including my floors and have done so for at least two decades.

It leaves everything very clean, comes in many scents so I can change with the seasons or as the mood strikes, and isn’t toxic for crawling kids and pets.

So, here’s the list I’ve had for years on how to use it and what it has been used for.
Dilute 1 capful of Avon’s Bubble Bath in 2 litre’s of hot water. (I use a bit more than that and rarely measure).

  • Use to clean chandeliers and light fixtures
  • Excellent cleaner for windows, mirrors, china and all of your kitchen appliances
  • Clean you plant’s leaves. They will have a super shine. Then use the bubble bath water to fertilize them.
  • Terrific shampoo for your pets. Your pet will smell so nice. There is no soap in it to irritate their skin. Just rinse after washing and your pet’s hair will be soft and shiny.
  • Grease stains on your best blouse from cooking (or eating)? Just rub straight bubble bath on the spots, let sit for a few minutes and then wash as usual.
  • One of two capfuls does a whole load of laundry. No danger to colours. It is as good for lingerie as it is for jeans.
  • Clean your eye glasses
  • Add some water to the bubble bath and use in your potpourri burner. Your house will smell so good.
  • Wash your car. Leaves no water streaks. Use inside and out.
  • It is a terrigic jewellery cleaner for costume jewellery as well as ‘real’ jewellery.
  • Wash floors, especially ‘no-wax’ floors. Does not damage the finish, cts grease and floors will shine as if you had just waxed them.
  • Stain on the couch, carpet, car seat, etc. Take Avon’s Bubble Bath not diluted on a wet cloth and rub the stain off. Does not leave any marks.
  • Wash your delicate drapes with it. Leaves them clean and freshly scented. Also great for venetian blinds; makes them shine.
  • Great for washing walls, ceilings and cupboards (wood finish or painted). No rinsing and no streaks.
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