Cacao Chia Pudding

Cacao Chia Pudding

I hired a nutritionist (Sarah Bezaire, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, owner of Mindful Body Nutrition) 5 weeks ago and she has been guiding my menu. At the moment she is trying to help me out of my adrenal fatigue.

She sends me a lot of great recipes. The foods I eat haven’t really changed much, but I am eating more often, at set times. Three meals, and two snacks every single day. I complained initially that there weren’t enough hours in the day to fit all the food in but after I set alarms on my phone, I’m actually getting it done.

Anywhoooo, one of the recipes is Cacao Chia Pudding. It’s breakfast, snack, dessert or anytime for any reason. I poured an extra half helping of this into two bowls and gave my husband one for dessert the next day and he loved it. Again tonight he said he felt like having a dessert, cake or ice cream, he said. I suggested Protein Balls and this pudding, and to my surprise he jumped on the idea. Usually when he wants cake and ice cream, not much else will talk him out of it. I’m pleasantly surprised that he’s liking these recipes as much as I am. It makes nutrition less of a chore.

My doctor since the age of 13, who retired a decade ago, said that I can either be healthy or thin but not both. To Dr. Mac, you’re wrong! The right nutritionist can help a person achieve both.

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