Finally Met The Crazy Lady

At noon, while I was making tea for my mom and I and getting ready to make lunch, the neighbour from 3 doors down pulled into my driveway (in her BMW) and knocked on the door.

Told me she has a friend names Janet that she’s known since they were kids, who told her that a friend of hers moved into the 2400 block of Buckingham. Since my house was the only one for sale, she said I must be the friend “Janet” was referring to. I apologized that I don’t know anyone by that name, to which she replied maybe that isn’t her name and repeated that they’ve known each other for years.

As she spoke, the alcohol on her breath was stinging my nostrils. and making my eyes water.

She looked around, catching a glimpse of my mom in the dining room window.
Her: “there’s a little woman in your window”
Me: “that’s my mom. she’s here for the day from the retirement home. I really need to get going to make lunch”
Her: “I want to meet her”
Me: Not really a good time, we’re busy right now

At this point I realized she wasn’t going to be easy to get rid of so I called mom to the door. A few minutes passed and then I managed to get mom back in and that woman left.

In the course of her chatter she managed to say my house is haunted (no it isn’t),
said she walked through the back alley and didn’t see an inground pool (well it’s there)
said she’d LOVE to see the house (the house is amazing but sorry no, I’m too busy right now)
Said our house was too much money (I laughed and said no it isn’t)
Said her house is pretty old, was built in the 50’s and she’s been in it since 1989 (mine was built in 1925 and I know it’s history and the history of its previous owners)

Turns out, she’s the one people call crazy…the house where police often visit as recent as the day before yesterday. The woman who rages against one of her neighbours.

Super creeped out. Will be adding sheers to all my windows so she can’t peek in. Will also be making sure my back curtains are always closed.

I don’t want to seem like a total bitch, but I really don’t need to have a drunk lunatic hanging around my house.

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