Update: Mom’s Eye Appointment

Update: Mom’s eye appointment went well. The doctor said the injection has helped and there’s no blood or fluid behind her eye. That’s great news. It will be one appointment every week either with the […]

Mental Health

Sexual Violence

What is sexual violence? Sexual violence is a broad term that describes any violence, physical or psychological, carried out through sexual means or by targeting sexuality. Sexual violence takes different forms and can include: sexual abuse […]

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❥━╬━║║█++❥ ➤➤➤➤ ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Party Time┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┓ I don’t care ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ Fish Swimming ¸.·´¯`·.´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸> Waves °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø¤°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲ Faces With Middle Fingers ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ ╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮ ┌∩┐(◣﹏◢)┌∩┐ ┌∩┐(◣﹏◢) (Ο_Ο)╭∩╮ ╭∩╮(︶︿︶) ┌∩┐(⋟﹏⋞)┌∩┐ Equalizer ▇ ▅ █ ▅ ▇ ▂ […]