Gigi Gorilla

My friend Gigi gorilla, is a sweet quiet girl.  She’s always with me.  Shares my happy days and consoles me when I’m sad. 

Everyone told me she was mean and dangerous. 

Everyone tease her.  Poked at her.  Made fun of her and were very mean to her. 

For years they made her feel bad about herself and laughed at everything she said or did.  This made her sad and she cried often. 

This went on for years and years until one day, Gigi stood up, bared her teeth and let out an enormous roar.   She had had enough of this abuse and lashed out at her abusers. 

They ran away  but her behaviour reinforced what they had said all along – that she is mean and dangerous. 

The moral of this story is, if you abuse someone long enough, they will attack back and live up to what you made them out to be in the first place. 

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