Holy Oil Finally Delivered

Holy Oil
Holy Oil from the Church of Holy Sepulchre

Today I delivered the Holy Oil from the Tomb at the Church of The Sepulchre to the people it was promised to.

Several years ago (in 2011), Ekhlas S accompanied my mother back to Canada and stayed for a short visit. During her time here, we visited several notable places and did some shopping. One of the places we shopped, was a jewelry store called E & C Jewellers at 7201 Tecumseh Road. Ekhlas and I started talking to the owners and the conversation turned to family, ethnicity, religion and general chit-chat. At one point Ekhlas promised the owners some of the Holy Oil. 

Holy Oil
Holy Oil from the Church of Holy Sepulchre

Later that week, we attended a festival at St. Charbel (?) and once again we saw the owners of the jewelry store and once again the promise was repeated.

Holy (anointing) Oil from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has miraculous healing properties.  More can be read about it on Wikipedia

In 2012, my husband and I went to Israel for a month-long visit. While there, Ekhlas approached a (Coptic ???) priest that she knows and frequently helps, asking if he can give us some of the holy oil because she promised to give it to the owners of the jewelry store. He obliged and it was put in my care for the trip back to Windsor.

While we were away, I had my laptop and continued to work but when we returned, I jumped headlong into strengthening my company and implementing some new ideas I had. Months passed and in 2013 I opened a retail center and café which soaked up all my waking hours and occupied every thought night and day.

It was a hectic few years. We listed our house for sale and lived in a staged house for over a year while I also ran the business 16 hours a day, seven days a week. Finally, the house sold after we severed ties with our agent and listed it on our own. We sold our house and bought another one in a matter of a few months. Technically it was less than 45 days from sale to closing. So we were excited to move into our new very old house that I guesstimated would take two years to renovate and here we are three years later with about 2 more years of renovations ahead of us.

Meanwhile, we started shopping at the Zehrs on Lauzon Parkway and Tecumseh Road, a couple of months ago. It’s right beside E & C Jewellers so each time I grocery shopped, I would think about the Holy Oil that was promised to the owners. So on Saturday, I stopped by to explain why I hadn’t brought the oil yet and promised that I will search for it and bring it to them as soon as possible. When we returned home, I was extremely motivated, searching until I found it.

So first thing this morning, I got myself ready, took care of everything on my calendar and headed to their store to give them the Holy Oil.

It has miraculous healing properties so why didn’t I use it to heal our 37-year-old son who is intellectually challenged, has an alphabet soup of ailments and likely will never be mentally older than 15, 16, or 17?  Or maybe I could have used it for my mother who has dementia and has lost all her memories and history.  She can’t remember anything of her life, her marriage, her children, how to feed or care for herself. Or I could have used it for myself! To cure my degenerating spine, hips, neck, shoulders; so maybe I can shower and dry my hair without taking all day to do it. Or hearing my back crackle with bone grinding on bone each time I move to do anything. The oil could have healed us. You only need to believe.

In all the years I had the oil tucked safely away, waiting to be delivered to the people it was promised to, I never once thought about it’s healing properties in terms of my son, my mom, myself. I believe it could heal us. I also believe it will bring a blessing to the family who now has it.

I guess I’ll have to go back to Jerusalem and try to get some for our family someday.

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