Kinda Sexy!

At the M.A.C. store at Devonshire Mall looking specifically for a lipstick.  Matte in a nude shade preferred. 

Lipstick: Nude Matte Colour Lipsticks
“I love all of you”

One of the workers walks towards me while I’m standing in front of the display, eyes wide open in total awe of all the fabulous lipsticks to 


choose from.   Beautiful, luscious matte colours in nude shades.  I’m thinking to myself, “I love you and want to adopt you all – how do I pick only one?”

They’re all beautiful aren’t they?” she said.

Lipstick: Nude Matte Colour Lipsticks
How do I pick only one?

Me:  “Yes they are.  I’ll take this one”,  pointing at a mid-range nude with a hint of blushing orange.
M.A.C. clerk:  “That’s kinda sexy
Me:  Very excited, “Oh ya!”

Talking myself-up in my head with things like, “I’m buying a colour that’s sexy, hmmm, go me!”
“I feel empowered”
“I am sexy, daring even”
“… I really deserve this”

A few hours later I return home and realize what she was telling me was the name of the product!


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