I don’t owe you a nickel

Decades ago (in the 1980’s) I was studying through correspondence and routinely mailed my completed assignments to the teachers to be graded and returned.  Since each set of lessons varied in size, it was standard to have the envelope weighed at the post office and the correct postage is paid and affixed.
Canadian Nickel
One of my teachers sent me a note along with the marked papers, letting me know the post office in her town said I didn’t pay enough postage and charged her the nickel difference.  She was asking me to send her the 5 cents with my next assignment.  Instead, I sent her an argument.  Whatever Canada Post tells me to pay, is what I pay and not a penny more.

Now I see her all over the place because she has become famous and I laugh at how petty she was back then, and maybe still is, I don’t know.  I generally keep all my old paperwork so somewhere in all the archived boxes are the notes from her asking for the nickel but am I tempted to dig them up? Yes, maybe just to read them for shiits and giggles.

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