Notes While Watching ‘The Staircase’

This 13 episode documentary was about 9 episodes too long and extremely biased against the prosecution team and law enforcement.

The narcissistic defendant Michael Peterson and his equally over-dramatic daughter Margaret  Ratliff were too much ‘drama’.    In the beginning segments, Margaret sat quietly, as her sister Martha spoke but soon she was speaking and making sure she would one-up her sister.  

Martha Ratliff cried often and seemed genuinely hurt and struggling to sort the feelings of grief and loss.  Each time Martha cried, Margaret would chime in and take some of the spotlights.  She’s very much like Michael Peterson; too much like him not to be biologically related.

Notes and Observations
Michael Peterson is dramatic, narcissistic.  His surprised look and head gestures seem fake.
Did many men shop with female friends (Elizabeth Ratliff) of the family in the 80’s?

Someone should do a DNA test on Margaret Ratliff and Michael Peterson

Margaret Ratliff has the same facial features as Micheal Peterson, Clayton Peterson and very much like Todd Peterson… too much like them not to be biologically related.

Margaret also has the same facial expressions as Michael Peterson Sr., such as holding the eyebrows (practically) in a perpetual surprised expression.

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