Easy DIY Halloween Witch

I created witches to put outside that are weather proof, easy to make, cost very little and are kid-friendly cute.

Supplies for each:
tomato cage
small ball (for the head)
plastic bags ( I used one small trash bag for the head, and one large trash bag for the body)
plastic witch hat
decorative fabric (I used black and purple deco mesh)

First I placed the tomato cage upside down on the floor, then attached the ball to the top (pointy wires). We taped the wires together then flared them outward to create a base for the ball to sit on and taped the ball in place.

Next I put the small trash bag over the head and taped it together at the neck. I ripped a strip out of the bottom of the bag big enough that the ball would fit through and taped the bag at the neck as well, to keep it in place.

Finally, I dressed it up with the deco mesh using two lengths of black to fashion a dress/cape and the purple for a collar/shawl. The last thing I did was to glue the hat in place.

Once all four of my witches were finished, I placed them outside and anchored them in place with metal hanger wire bent to hold them in place.

That’s it! Easy peasy.

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