It’s Your Day, Mom

Materials: Item numbers and offerings may vary internationally. Check with your local Qualatex distributor for availability.
1 22″ (56 cm) “M(Heart)M Day Big Hearts” Bubble Balloon®98326
16 11″ (28 cm) “Big Hearts” Latex Balloons 78707
4 6″ (15 cm) White Heart Latex Balloons 43651
2 350Q Purple Violet Latex Balloons 82709
1 260Q Wild Berry 25577
1 260Q Purple Violet 82707
1 260Q Yellow 79700
1 260Q Robin’s Egg Blue 82692
Sand or Water Weight
Scrap 260Q

1. Air-inflate four 11″ “Big Hearts” latex balloons to 8″ (20 cm) and create a 4-balloon cluster. Tie to the balloon weight.

2. Air-inflate four more “Big Hearts” balloons to 6″, and create another 4-balloon cluster. Using the necks of one of the balloons, tie in to the larger cluster, rotating so it is nesting in the gaps.

3. Double-stuff a Purple Violet 350Q into another, then inflate to 24″ (61 cm). Tie a knot next to the inflated portion of the balloon on both ends. Using the end with the most uninflated balloon, tie into the smaller cluster created in step 2.

4. Air-inflate four “Big Hearts” balloons to 5″ (13 cm), and create a 4-balloon cluster. Air-inflate the remaining “Big Hearts” balloons to 6″, then twist the two clusters together using one of the necks.

5. Tie the clusters securely to the top of the 350Q created in Step 3, positioning the 5″ cluster on the bottom.

6. Air-inflate the 22″ “M(Heart)M Day Big Hearts” Bubble Balloon until the seams are free of wrinkles. Tie off with a scrap 260Q, and then tie to the top of the cluster created in Step 4.

7. Air-inflate the Wild Berry, Purple Violet, Yellow, and Robin’s Egg Blue 260Qs to varying lengths between 12″ (30 cm) and 18″ (46 cm). Create two pinch twists (See pinch twist tutorial on the left) at the knot end of each of the 260Qs

8. Tie the uninflated ends of the 260Q balloons into the clusters on the base so that they stick out at varying angles. Air-inflate the four 6″ White Heart latex balloons, then wrap them into the pinch twists of each 260Q

Click here for instructions on how to do a pinch twist

It’s Your Day, Mom!
Design by Eve Antonello, cba, of Pioneer® Balloon in Wichita, KS, USAIt’s Your Day, Mom! pg 1USA ©2020 PBC SB-PBC1911022

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