No Solicitors


No Solicitors.  This means you!
No Solicitors. This means you!

Today the No Door-to-Door sales law goes into effect.  It only covers certain industries and when I initially read the article about it, I didn’t read the official information
and thought it applied to everyone in every industry.  So in January when I realized only certain things were covered by this law, I created my own door sign.  It’s tongue-in-cheek mostly.

Here’s what the sign says:
No agents. No peddlers.
No solicitors
This means you!
Seriously, don’t ring the bell. Don’t knock on the door. Don’t make it weird!
If we don’t know you, do not disturb us
We don’t want your  Religion or Politics, Home Repairs, Yard & Garden Help, Free Estimates, Candy, Cookies, Chocolate, Newspapers, Magazines, Reports or survey’s, coupon books
We will not buy anything at the door, nor change utility companies, donate to charity, listen to religious or political views, participate in surveys.
We do not want to sell our house
No Exceptions

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