6 Types of Pilates Workouts

  1. Classical Pilates
    Classical Pilates follows the original system Joseph Pilates created in the 1920s and incorporates both mat and apparatus work. “Classical varies from other forms of Pilates, because it means that I teach in a traditional order, which includes transitions between exercises,” Pabon says. That makes this type of Pilates is good for practitioners who thrive on structure and predictability in their workouts.
  2. Mat Pilates
    The exercises in mat Pilates are performed with your body and a yoga mat in lieu of machines and equipment. Mat Pilates focuses on your core, making it beneficial for those with back pain. The movements in mat Pilates are based on the mat exercises in the classical Pilates system.
  3. Reformer Pilates
    This type of Pilates offers similar core-strengthening benefits of mat Pilates, but it’s much more challenging. The reformer is a machine with a bed-like frame, a platform and a set of springs. Many of the exercises on the reformer are the same as mat exercises but performed with the added resistance of the reformer’s springs, straps and ropes.
  4. Contemporary Pilates
    Though contemporary Pilates is inspired by and based on the classical system of Pilates, each class varies depending on the type of school that each Pilates instructor goes through and what style they prefer to teach.
  5. Stott Pilates
    Stott Pilates creator ballerina Moira Merrithew originally studied Pilates after a neck injury. Central to this form of Pilates is the incorporation of expertise from with rehabilitation experts and movement specialists, Pieton says. For example, each class begins with a warm-up to align the body and release neck and back pressure.
  6. Winsor Pilates
    Renown Pilates instructor Mari Winsor popularized her Winsor Pilates method with workout videos and infomercials. The Winsor Pilates fitness videos focus on weight loss and shaping the body with a combination of classical Pilates exercises done in a specific, nontraditional order to maximize results.


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