A Volcanic Great Conjunction

Where can I see the Great Conjunction?  Near where the Sun just set. Directionally, this close passing of Jupiter and Saturn will be toward the southwest. Since the planetary pair, the Sun, and the Earth are nearly in a geometric straight […]


Flight Over Jupiter

Are you willing to wait to see the largest and oldest known storm system in the Solar System? In the featured video, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot finally makes its appearance 2 minutes and 12 seconds into the 5-minute […]


Avon Bubble Bath

I’m not an Avon rep and I don’t sell it; I feel like I really need to put that out there before I tell you (whoever is reading this) that I use Avon Bubble Bath […]


Dark Sky Reflections

Explanation: When the lake calmed down, many wonders of the land and sky appeared twice. Perhaps the most dramatic from the dark sky was the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy, visible as a diagonal band. Toward the […]


How to Build a Bat House

Materials List (1) 1″ x 6″ x 8′ Sheeting Pine (rough sawn on one side) (1) Box of 1-1/4″ wood screws (2) 2″ screws to attach bat box to building/ post (1) small hinge (2″ […]


Aurora Over Sweden

It was bright and green and stretched across the sky. This striking aurora display was captured in 2016 just outside of Östersund, Sweden. Six photographic fields were merged to create the featured panorama spanning almost 180 degrees. […]

Crafts & Creatives

It’s Your Day, Mom

Materials: Item numbers and offerings may vary internationally. Check with your local Qualatex distributor for availability.1 22″ (56 cm) “M(Heart)M Day Big Hearts” Bubble Balloon®9832616 11″ (28 cm) “Big Hearts” Latex Balloons 787074 6″ (15 […]