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Driveway Yoga

Our newest neighbour was doing yoga in their driveway.  It was a beaufitul day; temperatures reached the eighties in the afternoon so I don’t blame her for wanting to be outside.   I have always […]

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I don’t owe you a nickel

Decades ago (in the 1980’s) I was studying through correspondence and routinely mailed my completed assignments to the teachers to be graded and returned.  Since each set of lessons varied in size, it was standard […]

Health & Well Being

Pain Is Exhausting

I’ve been sleeping like kaka. Tossing and turning to find a comfortable pain-free position all night long, it’s exhausting! The mid-level pain is constant and doesn’t go away whether I sit or lay down and […]


Update: Mom’s Eye Appointment

Update: Mom’s eye appointment went well. The doctor said the injection has helped and there’s no blood or fluid behind her eye. That’s great news. It will be one appointment every week either with the […]