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The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid
How much can you expect to pay if you accepted the role of bridesmaid in a wedding? Before you say yes, there are a few things to consider. Click here to read this article, or here for a complete list of all the articles.

No Kids At The Wedding Please
As much as you love your nieces, nephews and even your own children, some of you know that an otherwise perfect day can be tarnished by a misbehaving little one. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so what should you do? Click here to read this article, or here for a complete list of all articles.

For The Groom
>>> The best tuxedo style for your frame
>>> The Engaged Groom
>>> Grooms Responsibilities

Wedding Articles

We have devoted this section to bringing information about all aspects of wedding preparations.  From the who-does-what in the responsibilities section or choosing the wedding gown, headpiece, and perfume, to the wedding traditions - like the first kiss, as well as invitation etiquette and writing thank you notes.

The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid
How much can you expect to pay if you were to accept the role of a bridesmaid in a friend or family members wedding? Before saying yes and accepting this position, there are a few things to consider.

Planning A Bridal Shower
Week 1: Organizing the Bridal Shower What's Expected?
Week 2: Invitations, Decorations, and Entertainment Pick a Theme
Week 3: Final Details Finalize the Menu and Go Shopping

* Jack & Jill Parties
* Bridal Shower Games
* Wedding Shower Checklist

Finding The Perfect Gown
Before you visit thirty stores, try on hundreds of gowns and become paralyzed with indecision, take some time to consider the following shopping strategies.

* What Does The Perfect Wedding Dress Look Like?
* Bridal Gown Styles
* Bridal Dresses, Bride Dresses, and Prom Dresses

Bridal Accessories
Choose the perfect bridal accessories that stand out on your wedding day. Read it all here.

ABC’s of Veils & Headpieces
This section lists popular headpiece and veil types as well as a brief description of each.

Choosing The Right Headpiece
* Blusher Veils – Style, Fabric, Edge, Color
* Why Less Is More When It Comes To Wedding Veils

  • Six important questions to ask yourself before saying “I do”
    It’s no wonder brides and grooms get “cold feet” before the big day. After all, marriage is a monumental life commitment. It can be difficult to tell whether what you're feeling is normal anxiety or your gut instinct signaling you’re making a mistake…
  • Seven Tips for choosing your maid of honor
    Choosing your Maid of Honor is more complicated than it looks. Nowhere else in your wedding planning is it easier for vexing problems to turn up! Why? Because the Maid of Honor's duties are often vaguely defined, and worse, poorly communicated.
  • 10 Tips for writing your wedding vows
    Comprehensive and easy step-by-step guidline that enables you to compose perfect, personalized and heart felt vows for your ceremony.
  • No kids at the wedding please!
    How to say it tastefully without offending the invited parents.
  • How to address, assemble and mail invitations
    Now that you have your beautiful wedding invitations, what is the proper way to address them? Here are traditional formal guidelines to help you put your address list together properly.
  • Writing Thank You Notes
    Important tips to help you write your thank you notes, on time and with style.
  • To stay married, start dating!
    …your spouse, that is! This article deals with keeping the spark in your marriage by offering ideas and suggestions on getting away from the everyday matters that fragment our attention in a million directions and placing the efforts back into the relationship.
  • Say “I do” to a sexy new you!
    When I first met my husband, I couldn’t wait to see him again. Our dates left me breathless – that indescribable feeling that accompanies meeting Mr. Perfect, reveling in the escalating relationship and knowing we’d share the rest of our lives together. … continued

So you’re planning an outdoor wedding?
Four Ways To Save Your Holiday Wedding

Five Ways To Have A Seaside Wedding
Seaside Wedding Ceremonies

Got Love? Give Hearts!
Ways to Save Your Valentine’s Wedding

* How much should you spend?
* Choosing Flowers
* Flowers & Their Meaning
* Floral Budget Chart
* Cutting Cake Costs
* The Icing On The Cake
* Wedding Cake Boxes
* Wedding Favors to Impress Your Guests
* Wedding favor creator
* Organising Your Wedding Stationery

Encore Weddings
Spectacular Send-Offs
Uptown Style


Welcome to Bridal Basics, Division of Windsor Business Networks– enjoy your visit and come back often!

Nancy’s Bridal Basics store was originally located in Tecumseh, Ontario and was relocated to Windsor in 1998-99. It started out as a hobby and an intense interest in weddings and crafts. With the introduction of the online venue, we have been able to concentrate our time and efforts on what we love to do best, which is create beautiful wedding and bridal accessories. So the hobby that became a business has now come full circle.

Although we no longer directly sell any merchandise, we do offer information and showcase products available through other merchants.

Nancy was interviewed and featured in the business section of a local newspaper with the headline “Tessier Set Sights on Taj Mahal”.   An obvious play on words for her desire to design and build envelope boxes that are a bit above the industry “norms”.  Along with the standard wishing wells, chapel, decorated box, and mailbox,  Nancy has also created a castle, swan box, horse and carriage, and hot air balloon.

Contact us if you would like custom designed wishing wells and other envelope boxes as well as decorator cakes. You can describe what you’re looking for and we will design it, give you step-by-step instructions on how to create it or build the entire thing for you.

Nancy TessierAbout the creator of Bridal Basics
Name: Bridal Basics (a.k.a. Nancy’s Bridal Basics)
Owner: Nancy Tessier

Business hours (EST):
Our online shop and library are open 24/7 & 365

We do not accept collect calls and can only be contacted through the contact form.

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Lovely Heart Frame DIY

Organic Swan Heart Tutorial by Vadim Shuskanov, CBA Across many cultures, swans symbolize grace, beauty and love. When it comes to balloons, swans make the perfect addition to a baby shower or wedding. We asked Vadim Shuskanov, CBA, of Moscow, Russia to design a decor piece that would beautifully showcase the Graceful Swan Microfoil® and …

Spring Bridal Bouquets

Colourburst Bouquet with Monogrammed Ribbon Bouquet by Buds N Bloom via Style me Pretty, Photo by Erin Jean Photography       Romantic Cascading Spring Bridal Bouquet Photo by Brandi Smith, Bouquet by Simply Bouquet       Fresh Rose, Gardenias & Vintage Brooch Bouquet Bouquet by Fantasy Floral Design via Style Me Pretty, Photo …


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