The Creative Process Behind an Epic Art Inspired Wedding

Get ready to be blown away by the behind-the-scenes magic of transforming an empty exhibition hall into a mesmerizing fantasy wedding!

Wedding planner : Robert Hykl
Par Azar (Elie Azar)
Wedding Gown:
Elie Saab 


From YouTube/LebaneseWeddings
“In this captivating video, witness the months of production and construction that brought this dream to life. From epic structures and artistic design to dreamy visuals and screens, every meticulous detail was carefully curated. Watch in awe as an artificial river flows through this enchanting wonderland, and exotic floral arrangements fill the space with beauty and fragrance. This wedding, inspired by painting and art, is a vision turned into an awe-inspiring reality. Prepare to be transported to a world where creativity knows no bounds!”

Source: LebaneseWeddings