Something Blue

~ Something Blue ~

Is a tradition that dates back to ancient Israel. Brides wore blue ribbons sewn into the hem of their wedding clothes to symbolize, love, modesty and fidelity. Among Christian brides, blue became popular because it symbolized the purity of the Virgin Mary, who was portrayed in paintings and statues, wearing predominantly blue clothes.

Tips For Carrying On This Tradition

  1. Wear a blue dress.
    I’m not talking about something screaming blue, but maybe a light pastel off white, tinged with a blue hue
  2. Wear a solid blue garter
  3. White garter with a little blue ribbon on it.
  4. Carry a blue handkerchief or white hankerchief with blue ribbon sewn into it. Instead of a ribbon, you can also use a hanky with blue embroidered design or monogram on it.
  5. Blue ribbon, like the ancient brides of Israel wore. If you don’t want to wear it on the outside of your dress, though, have it sewn inside.
  6. A piece of jewelry with a blue stone. You can either wear it visibly or have it pinned inside the gown, or have it wired into the flower bouquet you’ll be carrying.
  7. Blue panties
  8. Something blue in your bouquet. It could be a blue flower, ribbon or sentimental item from your past
  9. Blue nailpolish on your toenails.