Wedding Traditions


Let’s start at the beginning with the old rhyme we’ve all come to associate with weddings and decipher what it’s about

Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue.
A lucky sixpence for your shoe

Something Borrowed:
Symbolizes borrowing past ideals for married bliss. Borrowing an item from a happily married couple is said to rub off on the newlyweds.
Something Blue:
Blue symbolizes purity, fidelity, love and in the Christian faith represents the Virgin Mary, who is always portrayed wearing blue.
A lucky sixpence for your shoe:
The charm if placed inside the bride’s shoe for the entire day is said to bring good fortune and prosperity for the couple.

There are many traditions that brides and grooms follow on their wedding day. Some are steeped in ethnicity while others are traditions that date back centuries and have been adopted as part of the celebrations….but does anyone really know why we do these so-called traditions as well as how and where they originated?

This section will attempt to explain the meaning and symbolism of many of these ancient customs. Describing their origin, implementation into the wedding ceremony and reception as well as explain how trends may be changing for the future brides and grooms.


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