Jack & Jill Parties


    In Canada, a stag and doe, or buck and doe, is a wedding tradition popular in Southern Ontario. The event is usually organized by the bridal party, but in some circumstances may also be held by the bride and groom before they are married, similar to a combined bachelor party and bachelorette party, or a ‘Jack & Jill.’ It acts as a fundraiser for the wedding. Guests purchase entrance tickets and are entertained by draws, food and drink, music and funny games.
    In the United Kingdom, a buck and doe is a party where the families of the bride and groom raise funds for the upcoming wedding. Games like Crown and Anchor are used and people have to pay for beer in order to offset the costs of the wedding and honeymoon.


Beer Cap Count:

    You fill a jar with beer caps. People pay $1 to guess how many caps are in there. The winner is the one who guesses exactly. In case no one guesses the exact number, the winner is the one coming closest without going over.


Crown & Anchor or Wheel Games

Dance Raffle

    Raffle off tickets for a dance with the bride or groom.

Fish Insurance

    Fish insurance is a great way to make some extra cash. Get a bowl of little cheap minnows from the pet store. Then offer fish insurance. Every time a person wins a prize they have to swallow a live fish unless they have purchased the insurance. Charge $2 or $3.

Grapefruit Race

    Another hip motion game, contestants must swing a grapefruit that is dangling inside a pair of nylons from their waist. They are trying to hit another grapefruit towards the finish line.

Great Canadian Whack Off

    Get a couple of stumps of wood. A softer wood for the women and a harder one for the guys. Tap six inch spikes an inch into the top of the boy’s stump and the girl’s stump. Contestants pay $2.00 to whack the spike all the way into the stump. The event is not timed so they are counted by the amount of strikes it takes to sink it. The person that sinks the nail in the least amount of swings at the end of the night wins an allotted prize. Remember a miss counts as a swing and if the nail is bent the amount of taps to straighten it out also counts. This is a good game to play with a lot of ego’s in the room. If there is a tie at the end of the night, you will have to have a whack off to determine the winner. This can be a timed event. Remember always provide safety glasses.


    Assign someone to be the warden or police person. Have a makeshift jail at the stag and doe. Announce to the audience that they are now allowed to place anyone in the jail for the low price of $1 per minute. While in jail there is no talking and no drinking. You may make up other rules as well for the jailed people. Do not forget the timers or stop watches.

Jail or Bail

    Similar to ‘Jail’ except the jailed person can be bailed out for a preset amount of “bail” e.g. $10 or higher, by anyone after a preset amount of time is spent collecting bail.

Kissing Booth

    Guests pay $1, $2 (or some other predetermined amount) to line up and kiss the bride.

Musical Chairs

Pie Auctions

    We have seen this raise over $600 before. You need to purchase some tin trays and spray cans of whipped cream as well as some large garbage bags. The Auction is called by the DJ and introduced as follows. “Ladies and Gentlemen we are now going to commence with the pie auction. We know that many of you are here tonight and have not spent a cent because you were saving your money to buy the pie that will land in this future brides face. The bidding will be simple and painless this evening, it will only cost you 2 dollars to hit the bride with this pie, however it will depend on who has the 2 dollar bid when I say sold. The best man will stand here and collect the money as we bid”. The bidding will proceed with one person bidding 2 dollars. The DJ will say “Jim has paid 2 dollars to buy the pie, he owns the pie for two bucks who wants to take it away from him for 2 dollars, going once….. going twice….Mary just paid 2 dollars and owns the pie”. After some time passes with people donating 2 bucks someone will raise it to 5 or 10 ten dollars and so on until the DJ finally says sold.


50/50 Tickets

    Sell tickets $2 each, 3 for $5 or whatever price you decide is reasonable. Place ticket stubs in a hat, bowl or bag. Randomly pick a winning ticket. The winner gets half the proceeds of the 50/50 ticket sales.

Silent Auction

    Place auction items on tables with a jar in front of each item. People buy tickets, write their names on them and place them in the jars in front of the items they wish to win. At the predetermined time a ticket is pulled from each jar and the winner is announced.


    Guys must place the long, hand bicycle pumps between there legs and either have a partner or themselves blow up a beach ball or other item to the music.

To Sing Or Not To Sing

    Place bowls or jars on the drink counter. One jar will be labeled To sing and the other Not to Sing. The object for your guests is to fill the jar with change to a certain line. If the line is passed with the to sing then the Groom or Bride will have to sing. You can also substitute the singing with some other embarrassing event.

Stomp The Balloon

    Tie balloons to the legs of all participants then send them to the dance floor to dance with a partner or alone. When the music starts the contestants must start dancing and at the same time attempt to pop all opponents balloons. When your balloon is popped you must leave the dance area. Last ones standing win the prize. This can be done by admission of $2 per person.

Toonie Toss

    Place a prize (usually a bottle of liquor) at one end of the room. Participants line up at the other end of the room and toss toonies at the prize. Whoever throws the toonie closest to the prize is the winner. In case of a tie, there would be a tie breaker toss.

Walla Balla

    Contestants must flip a ball on a string into one of three baskets that are strapped to their hips using only their hip motion. Each basket has a point value and the first person to get a certain amount goes to the finals.

Weight Times Two

    The bride and groom write down their combined weight on a peice of paper and seal it in an envelope. Be sure to give the envelope to the master of ceremonies or dj for safe keeping. During the evening, people pay a dollar or two, to guess the combined weight of the bride and groom. Someone would have to act as secretary and write down each persons name and what they have guessed. Near the end of the evening, the couple reveal their combined weight and announce the winner – who then receives a small prize.

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