Wedding Favor Creator

Wedding favors have always been a nice, personal gesture to include in your wedding preparations. Unfortunately, there are too many “cookie-cutter” type favors out there, which portray the couple’s lack of interest in providing something unique.

Here is a Wedding Favor Creator for you to use for your upcoming wedding or one that you’re planning for your best friend. You can mix and match to your heart’s content and according to the budget you have.

Small containers to use for candies, chocolates, small floating candles, decorative soaps, etc. (many of them can be purchased at your local dollar store)

  • – tiny wicker baskets or straw hats – egg cups – candle holders
  • – flat shells (scallops) – small filigree metal boxes – decorated wooden boxes – coffee mugs – wine glasses – small decorative dish – tiny flower pots – little tin watering cans – small jars – ceramic spoon rest
    Fillings to add to your favor containers
  • – heart-shaped candies or chocolates – Hershey’s kisses and hugs
  • – small floating candles – gourmet or flavored coffee – enough for one pot – little decorative soaps – wildflower seed packets or small quantity of seeds with planting instructions, wrapped in colored cellophane – flower bulbs – bath oil beads – bath salts – small bag of mixed spice (cinnamon/nutmeg) and your favorite apple pie recipe – packets of specialty tea – hot chocolate and cinnamon mix – enough for one mugSample sayings and poems to write or print onto a small note card along with your names and wedding date (punch a hole in the card and attach a ribbon to tie to your favors)
  • – Please plant these to celebrate our growing love (for bulbs, seeds) – All things grow with love (for bulbs, seeds) – Our flame of love will always be bright (for candles) – Hugs and Kisses from the new Mr. And Mrs! (for Hershey’s kisses and/or hugs) – Heartfelt wishes from the new Mr. And Mrs. (for anything heart-shaped) – Love lives in happy hearts (anything heart-shaped) – The best gifts are tied with heartstrings (anything heart- shaped) – May there always be spice in your life! (for apple pie recipe and spice; for hot chocolate/cinnamon mix) – We’re suited to a ‘T’ (for specialty teas) – Nothing can wash away the love we feel! (bath oil, bath salts, soaps) – Thanks for sharing this special day with us – Thank you for sharing in the celebration of our love (or union, etc.) – Thanks for joining us on our wedding day – Thanks for sharing in our special day

    Other Unique Ideas

  • – Personalized coasters made from CD’s
  • – Personalized CD mix of your favorite music – print out a liner for the CD case with your names, wedding date and a nice background or a photo of the happy bride and groom-to-be!
  • – Fortune cookies with printed fortunes that you create on your computer – or add your names and wedding date
  • – small picture frames that can double as place cards
  • – Heart-shaped cookie cutters with your favorite sugar cookie recipe
  • – Homemade bell-shaped or heart-shaped cookies decorated with your names and wedding date in hard icing

    Finishing Details
    Wrap each filled favor in colored netting or tulle to match your wedding colors or line white or glitter netting with colored tissue paper before wrapping your favors.Wrap the favor bag with ribbon or lace and add your note card (hole-punched). Tie into bow and add a sprig of dried or silk flowers and it’s ready for your special day!

About the Author:
Heather Diodati is the owner of Whimsies! By DDesign featuring Personalized Cartoon Designs for all occasions. See our unique Wedding Cartoon Designs personalized with your names and wedding date! 8" x 10" size with free mat, they make a truly special souvenir for the new Mr. And Mrs! Wedding favor magnets are also offered; something really special for your favor bags! Sign up for our free ezine, On A Whim, for your free time management gifts!


Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gift Chart

Keep this Anniversary gift chart handy!
Celebrate your anniversaries, with traditional or modern gift suggestions.

Do you know what type of gift to give for that certain anniversary?
Do you know what the traditional gift for the first anniversary is?
How about the seventh, ninth, or fourteenth anniversary?

Did you quickly answer, “no” ….

Don’t worry, sometimes it’s harder to find an anniversary specific gift than expected – but it doesn’t need to be!   This section will help you find out what the traditional and modern gifts are, for those anniversary presents that people have so much trouble finding.

1st – Paper
2nd – Cotton
3rd – Leather
4th – Fruit/Flowers
5th – Wood
6th – Candy/Iron
7th – Wool/Copper
8th – Bronze/Pottery
9th – Pottery/Willow
10th – Tin/Aluminum
11th – Steel
12th – Silk/Linen
13th – Lace
14th – Ivory
15th – Crystal
20th – China
25th – Silver
30th – Pearl
35th – Coral
40th – Ruby
45th – Sapphire
50th – Gold
55th – Emerald
60th – Diamond
1st – Clocks
2nd – China
3rd – Crystal/Glass
4th – Appliances
5th – Silverware
6th – Wood
7th – Desk Sets
8th – Linens/Lace
9th – Leather
10th – Diamond Jewelry
11th – Fashion Jewelry
12th – Pearls
13th – Textiles/Furs
14th – Gold Jewelry
15th – Watches
20th – Platinum
25th – Silver
30th – Diamond
35th – Jade
40th – Ruby
45th – Sapphire
50th – Gold
55th – Emerald
60th – Diamond

Choosing Flowers

A beautiful bridal bouquet should enhance the overall beauty of the gown, without overpowering it.
The traditional wedding is usually all white. However, for several decades brides have added soft pastels and stronger colors to their bouquets, as an expression of their individuality and personal style. Currently, the trend is turning towards the exotic flowers with elaborate stylings, or the deeper colors in traditional bouquets. To keep costs down, choose flowers in season or silks. There are no boundaries to the styles and flower selection. It is best to deal with a professional who can guide you through this process.

Choosing A Florist

When meeting with a florist, bring pictures with you to show what you like and what you do not like
Take in some cloth samples of your dress and the attendants dresses so the florist can suggest flower combinations that will compliment the dresses.
If you choose all-white bouquets, be sure to let your photographer know so he/she is prepared with special filters.
Many cities have two or three-day exhibits showcasing local vendors specializing in wedding products and services. This is a good way of seeing many florists and their wares. Look through the exhibits and speak to the personnel.

After the show, visit the individual stores and look at their displays carefully.
Is the store attractive?
Are the flowers fresh?
Are the arrangements stylish and creative?
Ask to see photographs of previous work.
Find out what types of flowers hold up well in the heat.
Ask about delivery and set up times and procedures.

Make sure all details of your order are included on your receipt, such as:


  • bouquet specifications
  • color
  • variety of flowers
  • delivery and set up details
    Make sure everything is in writing and do NOT assume anything that is not on the contract or receipt.
    Before signing a contract, make a quick call to the Better Business Bureau to make sure no complaints have been lodged against the company you plan to do business with.

    Cascade or Teardrop
    The most traditional and formal style of bouquet.
    Usually contains, roses, lilies, ivy.Round
    Usually comprised of roses in white, (or) cream (or) pastel shades. Baby’s Breath is used sparingly to add texture.
    This style does not contain any greenery.

    Hand Tied
    This is an informal bouquet.
    Usually, it is comprised of less traditional flowers and tied with attractive ribbon.


What Does The Perfect Wedding Dress Look Like?

When everyone’s attention is on the bride, it is important for her to look her best. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is vital in capturing the bride’s elegance and beauty. With all the selections available it can sometimes be hard to decide where to start in selecting that perfect wedding gown. Before one can know exactly what it is they are looking for in a wedding dress, it can be important to understand where some of the modern traditions in popular styles originated from, in order to help make an educated selection.

Prior to modern times, elegant weddings were held for the prestigious and were mostly arranged marriages. Therefore, the bride and grooms were often looked upon as symbols of the wealth of the family. Because of this, it was thought important for the bride to be adorned with as much glamour and trinkets as possible. Wedding gowns came in many colors and styles and the more large and grand the size of the dress; the more beautiful it was considered.

Many of the styles that the wealthy wore were imitated throughout the various ranks of the social classes, but it was hard for lower class citizens to even have a formal ceremony as income was sparse. Instead woman would wear church attire as cheap wedding dresses.

As time moved on the styles began to change with the culture. But the trend of the rich setting the styles seemed to stay the same. It wasn’t until the year 1840 that the white wedding dress was made popular by Queen Victoria. Up until that point dresses were commonly various colors, but the Queen looked so beautiful in her dress that it set a new trend that in a lot of cases carries over to this day and age. Today tastes are much broader, but it is still important to consider things such as cost and popularity when selecting a dress for that special day. If the budget is willing a designer dress may be the way to go, but it is also important to consider location.   A designer dress wouldn’t make much sense to wear outdoors at say a beach wedding. Instead, a beautiful beach wedding dress would be more appropriate. These tend to be higher cut dresses with less fabric and are perfect for that Caribbean wedding. Not going to the beach, but still plan on having an outdoor or casual service? Informal wedding dresses are a perfect solution for not having to worry about dragging your expensive designer dress through the dirt or mud. Modest wedding gowns are available in all designs, colors, and sizes and are perfect for any budget. Wedding dresses are as diverse as the brides themselves. Plus size wedding gowns, custom jewelry, and select accessories are readily available. Not spending as much on a dress can leave money for an exciting honeymoon and many may not think spending a lot on a designer dress is practical for a dress that will only be worn once. Others still might want a dress that can be passed down from one generation to the next so going that extra mile on a dress just might seem worth it. Whatever it is you’re looking for chances are that you can find the right dress for you.

About the author: Gillian Cooper is a wedding planner with many years experience of helping couples plan their big day. Get further wedding ideas at Weddings

Wedding Gown Designers

Your Perfect Wedding
Your Perfect Gown!

Finding the perfect wedding gown can be a daunting task but it needn’t be!

For the savvy shopper, we recommend ♥ Kamil Shaheen.

Wedding Gown Designers

The following is a list of well-known designers who are renowned for their designs and their wedding fashions have adorned many beautiful brides.

Each link opens in a new window, for your convenience.

Alfred Angelo
Alfred Sung – Bridals
Allure Bridals
Alvina Valenta
Amy Lee
Bari Jay
Bill Levkoff
Bonny MT
Bridal Originals
Champagne Formals
Couture -Jim Hjelm
Fashion 1001 Nights
Forever Yours
Ian Stuart
Impression Bridal
Romantic Bridal
Rena Koh
Saison Blanche
Jasmine Bridal
Jacquelin Bridal
Jessica McClintock
Jim Hjelm – Occasions
Jim Hjelm – Couture
Jim Hjelm – Visions
Jordan Fashions
Kamil Shaheen
Lamour Bridals
Little Angels
Lizette Creations
Maggie Sottero
Melissa Sweet
Mon Cheri
Mori Lee
New Image
Occasions -Jim Hjelm
Paloma Blanca
P.C. Mary’s
Private Label by G
Sweetheart Gowns
Venus Bridals
Vera Wang
Victoria’s Bridal
Visions -Jim Hjelm
Watters & Watters


Be sure to read “Finding the Right Gown”,
and “What Does The Perfect Wedding Dress Look Like?”
which are part of our wedding library.

The Gown

Styles Guide

These are samples of the different dress styles available to the bride. choose a style that best fits your wedding style, level of formality, comfort and budget.
Select the styles shown, to see a large view of the gown along with a brief description of each.
Click on the image to go to the corresponding page


The Mermaid & Grecian Mermaid Gowns


Mermaid Gown

Form hugging style that has a separate, more flowing section starting several inches below the knee, which flows more freely and is, in itself, the train. Not a style that is bustled, however the gowns have a wristlet inside the furthermost section of hemline that is worn like a bracelet and allows the dress to cascade in flowing, carefree layers, to the movement of the brides arm.

Grecian Mermaid Gown

Illustrated above as a strapless model and (below) with a grecian neckline. This style can also be halter style with or without a collar, spaghetti strap or delicate type necklines and is rarely worn with sleeves unless they are also form fitted.

Most of the detail and beading is at the point where the form-fitted top section attaches to the flowing hemline/train , with similar, less intrusive beading on the uppermost portion of the bodice.



The Ball Gown

The ball gown is a formal style that is worn with crinoline to keep it’s shape wide and full throughout the ceremony and reception. Available either with or without an attached or detachable train that is usually bustled or removed after the ceremony, prior to the brides arrival for the reception.

Gowns made of silk or satin need crinoline, however, if the gown is comprised of several layers of tulle (up to seven layers or more), the designers will normally add layers of stiffer netting that eliminates the need for crinoline.


Belle Gowns

The Belle (or Bell) gown is similar to the Ball gown in general shape and length but is more heavily embellished with layers of fabric draped around the hemline. Reminiscent of the gowns worn in the old south and featured in many vintage movies. This is an attractive style that customarily is either strapless, has shoulder hugging bodice or off-the-shoulder straps


The Princess

The most dramatic of the A-line silhouettes, princess wedding dresses are a classic choice for brides planning their fairytale wedding. Intricate beading and shimmering embellishments typically grace the upper halves of these gowns, with dreamy layered skirts that, despite their volume, create a slimming effect.


The Sheath

The sheath gown is also known as the “slip” dress.
It is the least fussy of all styles with very little embellishments. It’s dignified and elegant with spagetti or similar style thin straps and is best suited for soft fabrics that fall gracefully. The sheath can be worn by brides of any age or shape but is most suitable for brides without extreme curves, as this style dress must hug the curves without being too snug.


Style Guide Series

Express your individuality and look your best for your special day.

Gown Neckline Styles

Wedding Gown Neckline Style Guide

These are samples of the different neckline styles available.
Pick a style that best fits your wedding style, level of formality and comfort.



Queen Ann


Strapless (1)

Off Shoulder


Strapless (2)



Hug Shoulder


High Collar


Spaghetti Strap



Style Guide Series

Articles Of Interest
Finding the right gown
Popular Wedding Gown Designers

Express your individuality and look your best for your special day.