Lovely Heart Frame DIY

Organic Swan Heart Tutorial by Vadim Shuskanov, CBA

Across many cultures, swans symbolize grace, beauty and love. When it comes to balloons, swans make the perfect addition to a baby shower or wedding. We asked Vadim Shuskanov, CBA, of Moscow, Russia to design a decor piece that would beautifully showcase the Graceful Swan Microfoil® and provide inspiration for this perfectly pastel balloon.

With a few simple framing techniques and a basic organic base, Vadim created a beautifully crafted heart that served as the ideal place to nestle two swans. This design is perfect for any event that calls for a soft, loving touch.

How-to Video: Lovely Heart Frame with Organic Base



Three Ways to Cut Cake Costs

The wedding cake you’ve fantasized about can also be the one your wallet says “yes” to. Here are some great ideas for a more affordable – but still gorgeous – wedding cake.

  • Get a smaller cake. Show off the beautiful wedding cake for everyone to see, then have a sheet cake of the same flavor cut in the back.
  • Make mini cakes. Instead of one large cake, split up the cost and ask your baker to make every guest a cupcake of your favorite flavor instead. Top each with something pretty, and build a wedding cake tower of your fabulous cupcakes.
  • Offer a dessert bar. Another great way to offer dessert while having a smaller cake: set up a dessert bar with mini pastries and coffee to offset a piece of wedding cake.