Wedding Favours To Impress Your Guests

If you are looking for wedding favors to impress your guests and make them feel appreciated, there are various choices you can make. While price is not important when it comes to picking out favors, picking favors that will make your guests feel special and help them remember your day is important. Whether you are on a tight budget or you can afford gifts that are expensive, be sure to pick gifts that are reflection of your love for others to remember.

Personalized CDs
Choosing personalized CDs is a great wedding favor to consider for your guests. The bride and groom can pick some of their favorite love songs to include on the CD to commemorate the special day. If you are having a themed reception with a certain style of music, such as oldies music, you may want your CD to have similar music selections so your guests will remember the reception. A CD is something that your guests can cherish long after the wedding day.

Personalized Votive Candles
Personalized votive candles are another great choice of wedding favors for your wedding reception. Not only are these great little gifts for your guests to take home with them, but they also can double as place cards as well, since they include the name of each guest on them. This can save you paying for both favors and place cards as well.

Bakery Boxes
If you want unique, edible wedding favors, you may want to consider giving out bakery boxes full of wonderful baked goods. You can choose to prefill these boxes for your guests or you can set up a small section that looks like a bakery and let them choose their baked goods for their boxes. You can buy small bakery boxes and decorate them to match the colors and theme of your wedding and have an attractive and memorable wedding favor.

If you want to give out great wedding favors without spending to much money, bookmarks are a great way to go. Usually, bookmarks are inexpensive to have made and you can personalize them with the date and the names of the bridal couple. This is a great way to give something to guests that they can keep as a remembrance of your wedding.

Picture Frames
Picture frames make great wedding favors for guests and you can either put pictures of the bride and groom in the frame or use the frames as placeholders. If you choose to use the frames as placeholders, you can print up cards to go in the frames that have the names of the guests on them. These are great gifts that guests can take home with them and use in the years to come.

Whatever favors you choose to have at your wedding, make sure that they are items that will help your guests remember your wedding in the future. No matter how expensive or inexpensive your wedding favors may be, it is the memory of your love and your special day that will be so important to your guests.

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