The White Wedding

White has been a symbol of celebration since Roman times. In other cultures such as Asian cultures red is the color traditional color because it symbolizes joy. White in our culture has also come to be synonymous with purity and joy. This is why it has become a favorite color of brides.

Tips For A White Wedding

  1. Wear everything in the crispest, brightest white with irridescent jewels to add sparkle
  2. Plan all the decorations in white, cream or ivory. Be very careful mixing shades of white. If one is darker than the rest it would appear dingy by comparison
  3. Add large white bows to the reception decorations
  4. Use white candles
  5. Use silver accents as opposed to other metallics such as gold. Silver tends to compliment white much better without any harsh contrast.
  6. Use low voltage clear twinkling lights on topiary trees, head table, wedding arch and ceiling fabric drapings.