The 8 Things Guests Secretly Wish You’d Do At Your Wedding

Psst! Want us to let you in on a little secret? Wedding guests tend to care more about good booze at your big day than fancy favors (that they’re likely to forget to take home anyway!).

While your wedding is, of course, about what you and your fianc√© want, keeping the guest experience in mind will go a long way in creating your happily ever after. With that in mind, here are eight things friends and family secretly wish you’d do at your wedding.

The Wish List

  • 1. Demystify the Dress Code
  • 2. Do Away with Assigned Seats
  • 3. Stop Playing Matchmaker
  • 4. Invest in the Booze Instead of All the Other “Extras”
  • 5. Don’t Interrupt the Party for the Cake Cutting
  • 6. Serve Scrumptious Late Night Snacks
  • 7. Help Them Get There Easy
  • 8. Make the Dinner Reception Feel More Like a Party
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