Crystal Topiary

This stunning air filled design works beautifully for centerpieces as well as delivery designs for any romantic occasion. With the magic of small hearts captured inside a crystal clear balloon with dainty heart prints, this arrangement is a sure winner.


• Wedding
• Quincenera
• Valentine’s Day• Anniversary
• Mother’s Day


• 1 x 11″ (28cm) crystal clear print
• 8 x 6″ (15cm) Deluxe Bubblegum latex hearts• 8 x 6″ (15cm) Fashion White latex hearts
• 8 x 5″ (12cm) crystal clear latex
• 8 x 5″ (12cm) Deluxe Bubblegum latex
• 2 x 260 Fashion white latex
• 1 x 360 Deluxe bubblegum
• 1 x 20″ wooden dowel
• 1 ceramic tile or floral dish
• 1 Control Plastics balloon saucer
• Ribbon and silk blossoms
• Hot glue or pan glue
• Air inflator and hand pump


    1. Inflate a 360 balloon and release the air to stretch. Snip off the neck and set aside. Slide the balloon over the top of the dowel and stretch almost to the opposite end and hold in place using the neck section as a rubber band.
    2. Apply pan glue or hot glue liberally to the exposed dowel tip and place it upright on the tile or floral dish, holding it in place until the glue sets firmly.
    3. Create the gumball effect of 6″ (15cm) balloons inside an 11″ (28cm) clear balloon as follows: Partially air fill the 11″ (28cm) and pinch the neck closed. With a straw, insert a 6″ (15cm) heart and inflate on an air inflator then pull the inflated balloon into the neck area of the larger balloon to block air from escaping while you tie the neck and push it into the large balloon. Continue adding more air to the large balloon since some escapes each time you add a small balloon.
    4. When full tie the neck into a knot and seat the balloon onto a balloon saucer and tie it very tightly to the side at the top of the dowel with a section of 260.
    5. Double stuff a 6″ (15cm) white heart latex inside of a 5″ (12cm) crystal clear balloon making sure the necks are aligned together. Place a hand pump nozzle into the clear balloon neck and pump once, pinch closed and move the nozzle into the white heart and pump 4 times and tie the balloon necks. Make a total of eight double bubbles.
    6. Create duplets by tying necks together in pairs and twisting two duplets together to form a cluster of four. Place one cluster at the base of the pole, wrapping onto the pole carefully to secure.Place the second cluster under the gumball balloon, wrapping it in place on the pole.
    7. Air fill the remaining double stuffed pink balloons, filling to 3″ (8cm) and squeezing the air into the bulb of the balloon to create a clearer finish, tying two at a time together to create duplets. Twist together to form clusters and place one under the double bubbles at the top and the second on top of the bottom double bubble cluster wrapping it onto the pole.
    8. Complete the design by adding a loop of ribbon near the top clusters with a section of 260 and gently wrap the ribbon loosely around the dowel and tie in to the bottom clusters. Add silk blossoms at the top and bottom.

    This design can be created in a wide range of Betallatex heart colors for many romantic and feminine occasions.