FTD Could Close as Early as July

FTD announced on Monday, March 18, 2019, in a regulatory filing, that they expect to have the funds necessary to remain afloat in July, but not beyond then, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.

This is unsettling news for everyone in the floral industry. Due to the influx of competition they all face, it’s unfortunate that this could be a reality for anyone. Florists and vendors alike have to keep up with ever-changing technology in order to grow and thrive. We have to adapt to new generations that come with new expectations.

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How to cover a cake with royal icing

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Flower Bouquets, Arrangements & Baskets

We have added do-it-yourself wedding accessories and projects that will show you step-by-step directions to create your own bridal and wedding party bouquets, boutonnieres for the groom, best man, and the ushers. As well as corsages and wristlets for the moms and grandmoms.

Our directions are easy to follow and the end product is something you will be proud of that is indistinguishable from the work of professionals (at a fraction of the cost).

Projects for fresh and silk flowers will be listed here, as well as our Crafts and do-it-yourself project library section.

Bouquets and Arrangements

Use fresh flower arrangements to dress up your wedding reception guest tables. They not only will add fragrant elegance of your reception hall but they will be a great “extra” gift for one lucky person or couple at each table.

The Fresh Flower Shop is a page where we feature fresh, fragrant bouquet styles for many occasions, including birthday, anniversary a well as weddings.
 Follow Bridal Basics’s board Flowers & Bouquets on Pinterest.

Nancy’s Tip: Tape a note on the bottom of one chair at each table. At an appropriate point in the evening, ask the guests to check the bottom of their chairs, Each person at the table who has the note taped to their chair will get to take the centerpiece bouquet home.

Just imagine the excitement of taking home a fresh floral arrangement, your guests will experience.

Rose Petal Ideas
With colorful rose petals and botanicals, it’s easy to create a big impact even on a small budget.   Here’s how to create picture-perfect moments at your next big event.
Pick A Petal

Flowers and Their Meaning

Each flower symbolizes a different meaning and is approximately 10% of your wedding budget
You can choose your flowers based on the meaning and symbolism associated with the individual flowers, or simply choose the flowers most attractive to you.
The flowers you choose can help express your individual style and personality and should complement the overall theme of the wedding.

The following is a list of most commonly used flowers. However, your florist can suggest others that may suite your needs and overall budget, theme or style on a more personal level. 

Please read the section Choosing Flowers for further information.

Alstromeria Devotion
Allysum Beauty and Modesty
Alstroemeria Devotion
Amaryllis Beautiful and Proud
Anjelica Inspiration and Magic
Baby’s Breath Pure Heart
Bluebell Consistency
Broom Flower (aka Genistra) Goodness
Buttercup Riches
Calla Lilly Magnificent Beauty
Camellia Perfect Lovliness
Carnation Love and Fidelity
Chrysanthemum Truth
Dark Pink Rose Romance
Daisy Share Your Feelings, Cheerfulness
Eucalyptus (seeded) Protection
Forget-me-not Do Not Forget
Foxglove Youth
Fuschia Confident Love
Gardenia Refinement
Genistra (aka Broom Flower) Goodness
Honeysuckle Devoted Affection
Hyacinthe Modest Lovliness
Ivy Fidelity
Jasmine Grace and Elegance
Lavender Rose Enrichment
Light Pink Rose Grace
Lily Purity
Orange Rose Appreciation
Orchid Refined Beauty
Red Rose I love You, Passion
Red & White Rose Unity
Rosemary Remembrance
Sage Health
Seeded Eucalyptus Protection
Sweetpea Meeting
Thyme Resourcefulness
Tulip Elegant Love
Violet Faithfulness
White Rose Innocence
Woodsorrel Joy

Choosing Flowers

A beautiful bridal bouquet should enhance the overall beauty of the gown, without overpowering it.
The traditional wedding is usually all white. However, for several decades brides have added soft pastels and stronger colors to their bouquets, as an expression of their individuality and personal style. Currently, the trend is turning towards the exotic flowers with elaborate stylings, or the deeper colors in traditional bouquets. To keep costs down, choose flowers in season or silks. There are no boundaries to the styles and flower selection. It is best to deal with a professional who can guide you through this process.

Choosing A Florist

When meeting with a florist, bring pictures with you to show what you like and what you do not like
Take in some cloth samples of your dress and the attendants dresses so the florist can suggest flower combinations that will compliment the dresses.
If you choose all-white bouquets, be sure to let your photographer know so he/she is prepared with special filters.
Many cities have two or three-day exhibits showcasing local vendors specializing in wedding products and services. This is a good way of seeing many florists and their wares. Look through the exhibits and speak to the personnel.

After the show, visit the individual stores and look at their displays carefully.
Is the store attractive?
Are the flowers fresh?
Are the arrangements stylish and creative?
Ask to see photographs of previous work.
Find out what types of flowers hold up well in the heat.
Ask about delivery and set up times and procedures.

Make sure all details of your order are included on your receipt, such as:


  • bouquet specifications
  • color
  • variety of flowers
  • delivery and set up details
    Make sure everything is in writing and do NOT assume anything that is not on the contract or receipt.
    Before signing a contract, make a quick call to the Better Business Bureau to make sure no complaints have been lodged against the company you plan to do business with.

    Cascade or Teardrop
    The most traditional and formal style of bouquet.
    Usually contains, roses, lilies, ivy.Round
    Usually comprised of roses in white, (or) cream (or) pastel shades. Baby’s Breath is used sparingly to add texture.
    This style does not contain any greenery.

    Hand Tied
    This is an informal bouquet.
    Usually, it is comprised of less traditional flowers and tied with attractive ribbon.