Flowers and Their Meaning

Each flower symbolizes a different meaning and is approximately 10% of your wedding budget
You can choose your flowers based on the meaning and symbolism associated with the individual flowers, or simply choose the flowers most attractive to you.
The flowers you choose can help express your individual style and personality and should complement the overall theme of the wedding.

The following is a list of most commonly used flowers. However, your florist can suggest others that may suite your needs and overall budget, theme or style on a more personal level. 

Please read the section Choosing Flowers for further information.

Alstromeria Devotion
Allysum Beauty and Modesty
Alstroemeria Devotion
Amaryllis Beautiful and Proud
Anjelica Inspiration and Magic
Baby’s Breath Pure Heart
Bluebell Consistency
Broom Flower (aka Genistra) Goodness
Buttercup Riches
Calla Lilly Magnificent Beauty
Camellia Perfect Lovliness
Carnation Love and Fidelity
Chrysanthemum Truth
Dark Pink Rose Romance
Daisy Share Your Feelings, Cheerfulness
Eucalyptus (seeded) Protection
Forget-me-not Do Not Forget
Foxglove Youth
Fuschia Confident Love
Gardenia Refinement
Genistra (aka Broom Flower) Goodness
Honeysuckle Devoted Affection
Hyacinthe Modest Lovliness
Ivy Fidelity
Jasmine Grace and Elegance
Lavender Rose Enrichment
Light Pink Rose Grace
Lily Purity
Orange Rose Appreciation
Orchid Refined Beauty
Red Rose I love You, Passion
Red & White Rose Unity
Rosemary Remembrance
Sage Health
Seeded Eucalyptus Protection
Sweetpea Meeting
Thyme Resourcefulness
Tulip Elegant Love
Violet Faithfulness
White Rose Innocence
Woodsorrel Joy

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