Face Shapes To Suit Hairstyles

When changing to a fabulous new look, believe it or not, it’s the shape of your face, along with your hair type and texture, that is the most important factor to consider. Here at TheHairStyler(.com) we’ve come up with an easy to follow guide that will help you determine your face shape and advise you on the best cuts for a fantastic new look.

Face Shape

To determine your face shape, take a tape measure or ruler and record the following:

1. The measurement of your face across the top of your cheekbones.
2. The measurement across your jawline from the widest point to the widest point.
3. The measurement across your forehead at the widest point (generally somewhere halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline).
4. The measurement from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

You are now ready to see which one of the seven classic face shapes belongs to you!


Egg Shaped With A Forehead And Jaw That Are The Same Width
The ideal face shape, because it is proportionally balanced.

Styles to try: an oval face will suit any hairstyle be it straight, wavy, curly, short, medium or long.

Styles to avoid: try to avoid wearing your hairstyle on your face as you’ll lose the shape behind the hair and may also add the appearance of weight to your face.

Oval faced celebrity: Jennifer Aniston


Circular Shaped
The best way to flatter a round face is to create an oval appearance which will lift your facial features.

Styles to try: a below the chin haircut that keeps the sides close to your face and promotes height at the crown is a great style. Hairstyles that are longer than chin length will also suit, and by layering the top to achieve fullness, and keeping the cut relatively close to the face, your face shape will appear longer and narrower. Styles that include short fringes will also add length to your face.

Styles to avoid: curly styles emphasize roundness and should be avoided as well as very long styles and ones that pull back tight off your face.

Round faced celebrity: Drew Barrymore


The Face Is Longer Than It Is Wide
Oblong faces have high foreheads and long chins and require haircuts that add width and volume.

Styles to try: haircuts that will mostly suit are anything that is short to medium length, such as the “Wedge” style.

Styles to avoid: too much hair length will make an oblong face look even longer. We suggest that you keep your hair above shoulder length and if possible, avoid styles with no fringe.

Oblong faced celebrity: Janet Jackson



Wide At The Forehead, Narrowing To A Point At The Jawline
The objective is to create width around your narrow chin.

Styles to try: soft and curly chin-length hairstyles would suit best. A chin length bob is a great style that creates a balanced look by giving fullness and balance where you need it.

Styles to avoid: try to avoid short, full hairstyles like slicked back looks that emphasize your upper face.

Heart faced celebrity: Naomi Campbell


A Strong Forehead And Jawline
The square face is angular with a broad, square forehead. The objective is to create an oval appearance and lift your facial features.

Styles to try: short to medium length hairstyles, especially with wave or roundness around the face, will suit you best. Soften the edges of your face with layers and wear long hair at, or past your shoulders. Your hair would look best parted down one side with a swept away fringe to create a different angle. If your hair is straight, you may want to consider a body wave to achieve a nice balance to the straight features of this face shape.

Styles to avoid: a square geometric cut, long bobs with heavy fringes, and all styles that part down the middle.

Square shaped celebrity: Sandra Bullock

The Forehead And Jawline Is Narrow With Wide Cheekbones
The key is to find a hairstyle that will balance the narrow chin.

Styles to try: most hairstyles suit a diamond shape with the best being a full, rounded style such as a graduated bob which falls to the chin.

Styles to avoid: avoid all hairstyles that leave your forehead completely exposed and styles where there is no hair on your neck.

Diamond shaped celebrity: Sophia Loren

The Forehead And Cheekbones Are Narrow With A Wide Jawline
The objective is to narrow your chin and widen your forehead.

Styles to try: shorter hairstyles that balance the prominent jawline would suit, with lots of layers added to achieve fullness and to balance the upper part of your face. Hairstyles that are full at the temples like the “Wedge” style will look great.

Styles to avoid: long, full hairstyles that draw attention to the jawline and styles that add width, such as haircuts that kick out at the bottom.

Triangular faced celebrity: Stevie Wonder

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By Paola Fioramonte, THS Hair Consultant